Advocacy for Professional Training Issues Committee

Gilbert Newman, Ph.D.
Chair, Advocacy for Professional Training Issues Committee

The mission of the Advocacy for Professional and Training Committee is to work with the Executive Committee to identify opportunities and to develop strategies to advocate on behalf of NCSPP in areas affecting education and training in professional psychology. Advocacy activities may be directed to governmental and legislative bodies, licensing or credentialing boards, other organizations representing psychology, or organizations representing higher education, as appropriate. Advocacy efforts should involve collaboration with other organizations with the aim of enhancing the abilities of professional programs to offer quality education (e.g., through funding eligibility and other resources), improving the climate in which professional training occurs, and enhancing opportunities for professional psychology programs and their graduates.

Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of Advocacy and/or Public Policy
Working in collaboration with the awards committee or the EC, the Advocacy Committee will present an annual award to recognize contributions and achievements in the professional psychology education and training of advocacy, public policy and promotion of public interest issues. The committee will usually alternate years in making this award to NCSPP member programs or individuals who demonstrate commitment and effectiveness in this area of education and training. The committee may consider additional awards to individuals outside of NCSPP who demonstrate commitment and effectiveness in this area of education and training. The award will be presented at the mid winter meeting.


NCSPP committees deal with specific issues related to training and practice in professional psychology.

There is no prerequisite to participate in a committee. Please send an e-mail message to ncsppoffice@gmail and indicate which committee you would like to join.