Pandemic of Racism Statement

National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology

Pandemic of Racism Statement

Submitted by the NCSPP Executive Committee

As a training council responsible for the development of future psychologists, the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) is committed to social justice. From knowledge acquisition to competent practice, students are trained to be socially responsive to oppression, injustice and to lead social change that facilitates the dignity and humanity of vulnerable and marginalized populations. The killing of Black men at the hands of police, both before and after the murder of George Floyd, is a symptom of the historical legacy of oppression—and clinical psychology has been complicit in this legacy of oppression. We recognize our role in this pandemic of racism, stand in solidarity with Black and Brown communities, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • We recommit to taking actions against all forms of injustice, and to model for our students engagement in strategic solidarity efforts, self-reflection and effective advocacy.

Generations of communities of color, those who are LGBTQ, persons with disabilities and those of immigrant status have lived in silence in response to the violence perpetrated against them. In the face of ongoing threat to the lives of individuals in our communities, we cannot remain silent. ‘Silence equals Violence.’ In seeking true justice, silence must not only be broken, but shattered. Justice must not be granted, but a given.

  • We will not be silent as accelerators attempt to pervert our call for change by looting to their personal advantage or in an attempt to make us in an image of their stereotype. We will call it out.

Justice traditionally includes punishment. Yet, as our communities of color know far too well, when violence becomes the focus, justice is destroyed. We know the rebound effects of this narrow worldview. We will not tolerate it. We will demand more.

  • We will not continue to use language that divides, wounds and excludes members of our community.
  • We recognize that we must continue to communicate. As psychologists we are aware of the power of words to bring about change and bridge the divide.

As psychologists trained in human behavior, we will not continue to be passive observers of injustice and its consequences.

  • We commit to using our education and training platform to advocate for equity and social justice and to lead change at every level—in institutions of higher education, in every sector, and for every individual.
  • We seek to reveal and dismantle any influences and socialization of notions of white supremacy within our programs and institutions. Further, we acknowledge the historical oppressive influences within the clinical psychology field.
  • We will work towards decolonizing our own educational process with the aspiration that future graduates will be equipped to be relentless agents of change.
  • We will not tolerate injustice, but be agents of fundamental change that truly respects, honors, and bears witness of injustice for all.