Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation Committee

David Castro-Blanco, Ph.D., ABPP
Chair, Research and Evaluation Committee

The Research & Evaluation Committee’s primary purpose is to oversee all research and evaluation that is sponsored by NCSPP. The REC functions under the direction of the Executive Committee and in collaboration with other standing and ad hoc committees. The ERC assists the NCSPP in identification and study of issues that will impact or enable the organization to fulfill its mission to provide practitioner based training in psychology. This mandate included a leadership role in formatting and processing self-evaluation, but also encourages the independent investigator whose work is related to the NCSPP mission. The ERC may establish working relationships with outside organizations in order to fulfill its mission.

Survey procedures. Survey proposals require submission of a preamble about purposes and benefits to the membership to the committee and subsequent approval by the EC, data collection occurs through a web-based service, chained reminders are used to increase response rate, and the committee is not be responsible for data analyses.


NCSPP committees deal with specific issues related to training and practice in professional psychology.

There is no prerequisite to participate in a committee. Please send an e-mail message to ncsppoffice@gmail and indicate which committee you would like to join.