Women's Issues

Women’s Issues Committee

Linda Baum, Ph.D.
Chair, Women’s Issues Committee

The mission of the NCSPP’s Women’s Issues Committee (WIC) is to advocate for and monitor our commitment to women’s issues, including a focus on implementing the resolutions of “Raising the Roof” Conference (January, 1991).  These resolutions mandate that women’s issues must be addressed and interwoven into all aspects of professional psychology. The committee advances the practice of psychology by promoting health, education and human welfare and ensuring that women in all their diversity achieve equality within the profession of psychology, nationally and globally. Further, the mission of WIC is be a catalyst in highlighting women’s concerns and making recommendations to NCSPP’s governing structure, and membership on the status of women.

The Chair of the Women’s Issues Committee 
The Women’s Issues Committee is a Standing Committee of NCSPP and therefore its Chair is a member of the organization’s Executive Committee. The Chair of the Women’s Issues Committee serves for two years and is expected to attend all four annual meetings of the Executive Committee. She is elected by the committee membership in attendance at NCSPP’s August annual meeting. Nominations for the Chair are collected by between the Midwinter meeting and the August election.


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